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Tips to Use Prayer Beads

A prayer bead is a string of collective beads which is used in meditation in order to count the mantras or breaths. It is often called a mala, which is meant to ground the practice of meditation and recitation of mantras. The prayers bead are used in a specific way which must be followed for proper utilization and easy chanting.

Steps of using the Prayer beads
Grip the prayer bead in your hand
Identify the mountain beads that generally hang perpendicular to the counting beads.

Your counting of the meditation and prayer will start from and end from the mountain guru bead position which is an orange color collection of strings.

Place the bead on your right hand, due to cultural shackles which states that holding in left is an impure step.

Hang the prayers bead on your third finger. The third finger has a symbolic significance in Buddhist chanting.

Count the number of the beads with every mantra with your thumb.

The prayers bead is made to serve and keep the track of progression to allow you to deepen your contemplative practice. It is revitalizing and concentration factor while you are charged for meditation for longer hours.